Private Jet Broker Kelvin Mensah Is Soaring To New Heights Amid COVID-19

Private Jet Broker Kelvin Mensah Is Soaring To New Heights Amid COVID-19

Entrepreneur Kelvin ‘PJ Kev’ Mensah has made a name for himself as the youngest black private jet broker in the industry. At the age of 21, Mensah began chartering planes for influential people in various industries. Since then, he has experienced unquantifiable success. As the airline industry strives to overcome turbulent times during the pandemic, Mensah is preparing for an uptick in business as private chartered jets become more prevalent. And although flying is limited amid COVID-19, Mensah continues to soar to new heights as a businessman.

After taking interest in luxury lifestyle and flight, Mensah began to put in his 10,000 hours and network to learn more about the niche industry.

“I was always fascinated by traveling. But I always wanted to be in luxury travel because I didn’t want to be a flight attendant or working for a large aviation corporation. I wanted to do something different. So, I got into the private jet market and in the first year of business, I didn’t make any money, said Mensah.

But for him, that was a motivating factor.

“I started learning everything about aircrafts. The size of the aircraft, how much baggage it holds…everything, in and out. The information that I learned gave me the love for the private travel industry. And I was like, ‘You know what? I think this is something that I want to do.’ I love to travel but I just didn’t have the funds to go from place to place,” Mensah added.

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Kelvin ‘PJ Kev’ Mensah (Image: Instagram/PJ Kev)

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Doing Business

As airline ticket prices increase during the pandemic and people express concerns about flying, Mensah says that it’s to his benefit as a broker.

“A lot of people don’t want to fly commercial. So, the next target of flying is private jet flying. So, it’s going to pick up even more after the pandemic.”

He went on to say that while some might not have considered his business to be essential, it is now an essential way to travel given the health crisis.

“A lot of people are now grouping people together to fly private,” said Mensah.

People are now asking themselves, “Why would I want to go to the airport and be around all these people when I can pay the same amount of money and fly private and get to my destination safe?” he shared.

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Soaring to New Heights

To date, Mensah has worked with business luminaries throughout the entertainment and sports industries. Over the span of his career, Mensah has brokered private jets for Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and countless others.

Two of his first prominent clients were world-renowned soccer play Neymar and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“When I booked the jet for Diddy, I met him at the airport and he gave me a hug. He was like, ‘You’re on the right track. When you start booking jets for me them you’re definitely on the right track,” said Mensah. “Those two people right there was very influential for me. It helped me understand that I can go as far as I want to push. Those two individuals helped me push it to the limit and understand that I was in the right industry.”

In addition to being encouraged by those gentlemen, Mensah continued to network and seek mentorship.

Now, Mensah and his business manager Aaron Wilson are helping others learn about securing capital to fund their dreams. The two co-authored the book, How To Get Funding For Your Startup to teach others what they have learned along the way.

To learn more about Mensah and his luxury lifestyle brand and private jets, click here.