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Quavo Buys Shirt Off The Back Of A Takeoff Fan In Japan

While interacting with some fans in Japan, Quavo peeps a fan with a Takeoff t-shirt and bought it off him, literally

Former Migos member Quavo literally got the shirt off someone’s back while visiting Japan recently.

A year after his family and former group member Takeoff was killed in Houston in a shooting last November, Quavo was interacting with some fans in Tokyo in a video he posted over the weekend. In the clip he posted on his Instagram account, he is seen hanging out with some fans when he spotted one of them wearing a Takeoff tribute shirt with several images of the deceased rapper. The t-shirt caught his attention as he zoned in with his camera phone.

As he diverts his attention toward the man, he says, “Oh, let me see that shirt, boy. Oooh… Yeah, boy, you got that motherf**ker on. Let me see… Ooh, that shirt hard. Where you get this?” As the fan speaks to him in Japanese, he responds, “Let me get one, please. Can I have it?” The fan then asks him in Japanese if the rapper wants the t-shirt. He says in English, “For you? You want?” Then Quavo asks, “You give me?” The man motions to Quavo if he wants the shirt off his back, and he replies, “Hell yeh, I want it, yes!”

He then offers the excited fan some money to pay for the shirt off his back.

“Thank you, bro, thank you. Hold on, what you want? I’ll give you some money for it. I’ll give you some money for it. You like American? Hold on, let me take my camera off ya chest.”

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We can assume that Quavo is not hurting for money. In October, the man born Quavious Keyate Marshall took several bites of a “one hundred thousand dollar glizzy,” another name for a hot dog or frankfurter. The “glizzy” reportedly was topped with “some shimmering gold flakes.” Whether it cost $100,000, only Quavo knows.

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