Bankrupt Rapper Young Buck Selling Music Catalog To Pay Off Debts to 50 Cent And Others

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is set to sell his music catalog to pay back the money he owes 50 Cent and other creditors.

Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, is putting his music on the auction block as part of a plan to satisfy his creditors, AllHipHop reports. The move comes three years after Buck filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

SongVest, a brokerage firm specializing in music royalties, valuates Young Buck’s catalog at $750,000. The “Shorty Wanna Ride” rapper’s entire catalog reportedly includes performance, mechanical, and publishing royalties as well as song copyrights.

By selling his catalog, Young Buck will be able to pay his creditors, including the $250,000 he owes 50 Cent, trustee Erica R. Johnson confirmed. SongVest will facilitate the auction to a private network of approximately 30 investors.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, has been after Young Buck since he accused his former artist of failing to deliver two new albums and never paying back a $250,000 loan he was given. In May 2022, the hip-hop mogul demanded payment from Buck despite his bankruptcy filing, claiming the Nashville native published music recordings in violation of his G-Unit recording contract before and after the filing.

50 accused Young Buck of not disclosing royalties received from those published works in his bankruptcy filing. The “In Da Club” rapper also accuses his old friend of withholding ownership of a 2017 F-250 black truck that Buck claimed was wrecked and unrecoverable by the estate.

“By failing to disclose that he owned the Black Truck, including without limitation at his meeting of creditors and on his schedules, Defendant knowingly and fraudulently, in or on connection with the Bankruptcy Case, made a false oath or account,” 50 Cent’s attorneys stated in a legal filing.

In July 2021, Young Buck was accused of withholding royalty statements from ASCAP and hiding the $35,000 he paid out to his publishing company, Mouth Full of Ice. He was also accused of hiding another $200,000 in royalty payments from other publishing companies.

If the auction block is approved by the court, Young Buck’s catalog could rake in almost $1 million.

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