Relax, Relate, Revive: 5 Awesome Destination Spots for Busy Entrepreneurs
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Relax, Relate, Revive: 5 Awesome Destination Spots for Busy Entrepreneurs


RelaxWhen you’ve been working long hours and you’re solely responsible for the health and advancement of your company, as well as your employees and family, life can get tough. A little relaxation and relief will definitely do the trick in those trying times when it feels like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders as an entrepreneur.

Research has shown that a visit to a spa or retreat can do wonders for stress reduction and relief, and even some massage therapies have been known to help alleviate chronic pain and other stressful symptoms of larger health issues or illnesses.

As an entrepreneur, stress can be part of the norm, but it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Check out these five awesome spa destinations for those who want to revive their spirit, relax and get their mental and physical balance back.

The Golden Door: Located in San Marcos, Calif., this woodsy retreat includes custom spa treatments, hiking activities, new-age fitness courses such as spine stretch classes, and much more. They have special offerings for your fitness and nutrition needs including cardio, strength and sculpt and fitness testing sessions along with boot camps and mountain treks.

Le Guanahani, St. Barthélemy This location offers wellness retreats that mesh beauty, sports and culinary adventures, with three- and five-day programs. Activities may include gymnastics, Pilates and yoga. Special spa treatments and custom chef-prepared menus are also part of their packages, where you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful St. Barth’s atmosphere.

Hotel Coral & Marina: This Mexican oasis offers your usual top-tier hotel amenities along with wellness packages that include activities such as morning “Circuit Training,” meditation sessions, ocean power walks, and vineyard hikes.

Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa: Located in Kingston, Jamaica, this resort is near the Bob Marley Museum and Independence Park, and it is inspired by bright and lively Caribbean features. Their spa has custom offerings including “Jamrock Massages,” red rose pedicures, LED teeth whitening, oxygen therapy, “Rainforest Rituals,” and more. Their restaurants also offer healthy choices via their vegetarian dishes with a Jamaican flair and flavor.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve: This destination spot is located near Cape Town, South Africa, and offers spa services including special indigenous “Africa Signature Treatments,” touch therapies and adventure activities including fly fishing, archery and hiking. You’ll get to enjoy the vast beauty and culture of South Africa while refreshing your mind and body.