3 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Repurpose Content In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Ask content marketing thought leaders and they’ll likely all agree you should repurpose your content to increase your business’s ROI. It makes smart business sense to wring as much value as possible out of brand assets your company has already created. The one problem with this oft-repeated content marketing mantra is that not all content deserves to be repurposed and doing so might actually decrease your content marketing ROI. If content marketing and blogging are new to you, don’t worry, simply head over to my earlier Black Enterprise article here.

Before you start blindly repurposing your business’s content, ask yourself (and your marketing team) the following three critical questions:

Does the Analytical Data Indicate This Content Marketing Post Performed Well?

If you’re going to repurpose existing brand assets, doesn’t it make sense to review your analytical data to ensure you’re not regurgitating failed content? If an infographic, blog post, or video performed poorly with your target audience, it’s not advisable to simply repurpose the piece just because you can. If you’re intent on repurposing content that originally performed poorly, make sure you analyze what went wrong and how the content needs to be updated before repurposing the piece.

Is This Piece Relevant to the Audience and Platform We’re Targeting?

Just because you can repurpose your content marketing assets for multiple social media networks and content outreach platforms, that doesn’t mean you should do so. Not every brand asset works well on all platforms. Understand the target audience and how they prefer to use each platform before haphazardly sharing irrelevant content. While a long-form content marketing post might perform well on your business’s blog, that doesn’t mean it will get the same reception when you re-purpose it for Reddit. You must understand the audience and platform before you assume they’ll welcome your regurgitated content.

How Can We A/B Test this Piece for Maximum ROI?

A/B testing is essential if you plan on repurposing your existing content. Try a variety of formats and review the analytics for each format to see how they were received by your target audience. Only once you’re sure of the data your A/B testing proves, should you go all-in on updating, revising, and re-sharing your business’s content marketing assets.

Ask these three critical questions before your business embarks on a content repurposing strategy and you’ll increase your odds of success. Updating existing brand assets can significantly increase your content marketing ROI, but you must be strategic in your approach. Failure to do so could mean you’re throwing good money after bad in your attempt to increase your audience outreach efforts.