Rick Ross, Zoo

Rick Ross Files For Zoo License For His Promise Land Animal Park

Rick Ross says he has filed for a zoo license.

Rick Ross is on a mission to officially establish his Promise Land Zoo, filing for a zoo license to seal the deal.

The hip-hop mogul shared a video on social media in response to a colleague who seemingly made a mockery of the two elephants and two giraffes Ross wants to add to his growing zoo.

“Listen, when you in the presence of a boss this what you got to realize,” Ross said. “It’s a difference and you may be just like my homie that’s standing right here who don’t believe I’m a have and own two elephants that I can take care of and nurture.”

Ross revealed the zoo license he applied for that will solidify his growing animal sanctuary located on his massive 235-acre estate in Fayetteville, Georgia.

“That’s why I’ve already filed for my zoo license,” he said. “Yeah, two o’s. You ain’t know that, huh? And it take time but guess what, I am buying right now two giraffes and you’re gonna have to climb up somewhere real tall. Feet of danger.”

The two elephants and two giraffes will join Ross’ at-home zoo, which already includes two Senegalese lions, four horses, a bull, and two buffalo he was gifted by Darius Burton, director of brand operations at underwear company Ethika.

Burton aimed to give the “Aston Martin Music” rapper a giraffe, but Ross said the animal was too big to take on at the time.

The expanding roster might be helping Ross financially as Georgia tax laws allow homeowners to receive an agriculture tax exemption for owning farm animals.

Chapter 40-29 of the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption rule identifies agricultural products or purposes as “managing livestock, equine or poultry; producing or storing feed for use in the production of livestock, including, but not limited to cattle, calves, swine, hogs, goats sheep, equine, and rabbits.” This rule likely qualifies Ross’ two buffalo as livestock, making him eligible for the exemption.

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