South Fulton Plaza Littered With Trash And Rick Ross Neighbors Say His Fans Are To Blame

The neighbors of hip-hop entrepreneur Rick Ross are unhappy with the Miami-bred rapper after his recent car show. After his event, residents were seething about the amount of trash left behind.

According to WSB-TV, people who have visited the plaza near Ross’ property have complained about the amount of garbage left in the area following Ross’s Car and Bike Show. Although there is no direct evidence of thinking the trash to Ross’s event, people who shop and work there made a claim. Yet, Ross’ attorney denies it had anything to do with the event.

The event was held at his property, which is located three miles away from the plaza.

Local shoppers said the place looked like a landfill. “It smells. It stinks. Look at all this trash. It’s so just ugh,” Shanette Parks said. Parks said she noticed all the debris and trash in the Kroger parking lot on Old National Highway and Flat Shoals in the City of South Fulton the next morning.

Another worker, Diallo Shears, a barber, said he was shocked to see the trash everywhere. “I’m seeing a nuisance. It looks like an eyesore. I mean, imagine if you were coming from another side of town. You came and saw this. You wouldn’t want to stop here. Would you?” he asked.

Law enforcement officers from Fayette County, where Ross held the event on his property and in neighboring South Fulton, said that the police force had no problems with the event.

Ross’s attorney, Leron Rogers, reiterated the large police presence in the area, and his client can’t be blamed for the actions of people who didn’t attend Ross’ event.

Ross held his car show on his property, The Promise Land, on Saturday, June 3, 2023, with no reported incidents.