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Rick Ross Is A Proud Farmer And Wants Others To ‘Just Try This’

"Sit you f-ck-ing phone down and just sit back and relax."

When he’s not rapping or performing on stage, Rick Ross enjoys farming and being a cowboy on his ranch.

The “Hustlin” rapper has proudly boasted about the “Promise Land” zoo he has created since purchasing his massive 235-acre Fayetteville, Georgia, estate. He has highlighted the bison on his ranch along with the trees he chops down during his free time.

It’s a far different lifestyle than most of his peers. But it’s one Ross relishes in and wishes others could experience to become one with nature. When asked if he identifies as a farmer, Ross explained why he happily embraces the title.

“F— yeah,” Ross tells People. “You just wish many others get to just try this. Try this for once. Try this for once. Just relax, let everything go. Sit your f—ing phone down and just sit back and relax. Let’s feed the cows some carrots. Let’s talk to the horses. Let’s fish for four hours. Let’s do that. Let’s do that.”

With swarms of livestock and acres of land, Ross enjoys “a different vibe” on his ranch that makes him feel like a “cowboy at times.” It’s what he credits for resetting him and not getting too caught up in life as a wealthy rap superstar.

“And maybe that’s how I recharge my battery and when I get around music, I’m ready to go, because I do a little bit of it all,” he said.

Ross’s new hobby is something he calls “salt life”—nice boat rides out on the water. “Being on the water, being in the boats, being on the boats. I’m taking different boats on test drives. Test rides. Yeah, different vibes,” he said.

He also recently purchased a boat that has become his “favorite.”

Ross has made headlines with his massive estate that sprawls across 235 acres and 45,000 square feet. Purchased in 2014 for $5.8 million, Ross’s add-ons have made it worth much more today, Square Yards reported.

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