Rick Ross Spends $100M In Six Months And Still Claims He’s Frugal

Rick Ross, the iconic figure in the world of hip-hop, has made waves with his recent revelation that he has spent an astounding $100 million over the past six months, according to Complex.

During an appearance on Apple Music’s Rap Life Radio with Ebro Darden, the Maybach Music Group boss shared insights into his financial ventures and his knack for making the most of his wealth, emphasizing his frugality tempered by the willingness to make significant investments when the time is right.

The rapper, known as the “Biggest Boss,” reflected on his financial journey, telling Ebro, “I been cooking on the stove for a long time, and really I was getting money the whole time. I’m a real frugal n*a at some points, but when it’s time to make a power play, I will. I’ll spend $100 million. I spent that in the last, st, six months.”



Rick Ross elaborated on his substantial investments, including a $35 million mansion on Miami Beach’s prestigious Star Island. This sprawling 40,000 square-foot residence boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and an array of luxurious amenities, from a heated pool to an entertainment room, summer kitchen, plaza deck terraces, waterfront views, and a 40-foot dock. The purchase of such a remarkable property demonstrates Ross’s affinity for the finer things in life.

Furthermore, the hip-hop mogul acquired a $35 million private jet, affirming his commitment to personal comfort and business convenience. These sizable investments exemplify his strategic approach to managing wealth and capitalizing on various opportunities.

Ross also took the opportunity to address some of his real estate investments, including a $3 million spend on a Houston home, which he showcased to his fans in August. During this tour, he proudly displayed his backyard, cars, and the exquisite interior of the property. His choice to invest in tangible assets like real estate instead of speculative ventures like Dogecoin speaks to his financial acumen and the solidity of his investment strategy.


While standing beside his stunning pool on TikTok, he playfully remarked, “While others were buying Dogecoin and all that, man, I was buying real estate.” This statement underscores his preference for tangible assets and investments with real-world value.

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