Rick Ross

Rick Ross Makes Offer To 50 Cent To Purchase The Masters Of Former G-Unit Members Young Buck, Tony Yayo, And Lloyd Banks

Ricky Rozay wants to pay $2 million for the master recordings of G-Unit's album, 'Beg For Mercy' and the catalogs of the members minus 50 Cent.

The feud between hip-hop recording artists 50 Cent and Rick Ross may never end. Whether he is trolling or being serious, Rick Ross, AKA Ricky Rozay, has taken to social media to make 50 an offer to purchase the catalogs of former G-Unit members Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo.

Barely a week after Rozay hit his Instagram account to blast The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God’s description of 50 as being diabolical, he appeared on Instagram Live on Dec. 11 to give the G-Unit head his proposal.

“It’s the biggest boss, Ricky Rozay, and I got a business offer for the Diabolical Genius,” Ross began the reel using the title Charlamagne gave 50. “I read yesterday that Young Buck’s catalog is worth $725K for the entire catalog, cool. I can only assume that Lloyd Banks is worth about the same. So I say, let’s make it and keep it simple. Throw Tony Yayo in there, and I’ll give you 1.5. Let’s say you plug—I don’t need the entire G-Unit catalog—but “Beg For Mercy.” Let’s keep it simple: I’ll give you another $500K for the masters of that.”

He ends his offer by saying, “Let me know, Diabolical Genius. Let me know if you want the wire or if you just want the watch and the pinky ring, it’s the same thing. You let me know.”

He shows the camera his watch and ring while holding up a bottle of Luc Belaire.

50 has been going after Diddy on social media ever since the mogul was sued by his ex-girlfriend and artist Cassie for sexual abuse, among other things. It was announced last week that the Queens-bred entertainer will be doing a documentary on Diddy, and the proceeds from that film will be given to sexual assault victims.