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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Display Their Love In Fenty Beauty Short Film

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky gave fans a glammed-out glimpse into their love life with Fenty Beauty's new short film.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky gave fans a glammed-out glimpse into their love life with Fenty Beauty’s new short film.

On Wednesday, February 28, Fenty Beauty released a short film titled Born to Steal: Yours, Mine, Ours” to promote its new Lux Balm. The nearly-two-minute short sees Rihanna and Rocky take on a 1920s-inspired love drama where the pop star steals Rocky’s clothes and his Fenty Lux Balm Ultra-Hyrdating Cherry Lip Balm.

A narrator guides viewers along the tale that shows the Fenty Beauty founder sneaking Rocky’s blazer out of his closet and hiding from him. Rihanna steals the covers during their night’s sleeping in bed together, before applying Fenty Skin’s Lux Balm to Rocky’s lips.

“The more savage of the species, the females are known to steal from the unsuspecting males,” the narrator says.

Towards the end of the short film, Rihanna nabs Rocky’s Lux Balm, but this time he catches her in the act.

“When I finally solved the case of my missing Lux Balm, I wasn’t surprised,” the voiceover concludes. “Not so fast, baby, this one’s mine.”

The new Lux Balm comes infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and Barbados cherry blended to hydrate dry lips. It’s the first time fans have seen A$AP Rocky join his spouse to help promote her thriving beauty brand.

The company teased stills from the ad on Instagram to get fans to go watch the YouTube short film and see Rihanna and Rocky display their “main character energy.”

Rihanna and Rocky share two sons: Rza, welcomed in May 2022; and Riot, welcomed in August 2023. Rihanna surprised fans when she announced her pregnancy during her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show, coming out in a red ensemble that displayed her growing baby bump.

Rocky has gushed about his happiness with fatherhood since welcoming their first son, Rza.

“It’s so unexplainable. It’s just one of those things. I’m a member of our club now, like the dad club. You see a dad, you see me. I’m playing on, I’m a full dad now,” he told People in January 2024. “Being outside and working and being creative, it drives more energy for you to obviously think and soak things up like a sponge now that I’m a dad, because I have a whole other perspective.”

“But it honestly helps you get home to your family and get home to your baby,” he continued. “And I can’t even explain it, man. You come home to heaven every day. I’m so thankful. God is good, man.”

Rihanna fans are anxiously awaiting new music from her, which Rocky recently teased that “she’s working on it.”