Aoki Lee And Russell Simmons Have A Heated Exchange On Instagram Live After Father’s Day

Aoki Lee And Russell Simmons Have A Heated Exchange On Instagram Live After Father’s Day

Aoki Lee Simmons is not holding back this Father’s Day weekend as she gets tearfully real on an Instagram Live explaining her estranged relationship with her father Russell Simmons.

Simmons joined in on the live stream as the 20-year-old cried about strained communications with her dad, commenting that he’s “so sorry” and “love you.”

However, his youngest child was not standing for it, releasing a muted video showing her father yelling at her, reshared by The Neighborhood Talk. While the audio was nonexistent, it was evident that the Def Jam Recordings co-founder was heated at who he once considered to be “Daddy’s girl.”

The recent Harvard graduate went on to also display screenshots of messages where Russell referred to her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, as a “piece of sh-t” who stole his money.

Within the messages, Aoki Lee defended the Baby Phat founder, stating that Kimora had nothing to do with Simmons’ diminished wealth, and that he “lost it with your actions.”

Simmons has been tucked away in Bali ever since allegations of his sexual assault made headlines back in 2017.

His two daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, both shared with the former model, have remained relatively silent about his transgressions. However, his youngest child is no longer holding back her discontent toward the disgraced media mogul.

Her mother Kimora got involved in the social media matter, getting tearful as well as she explains that her ex-husband hit “rock bottom” and that their daughters are more than over it.

While Simmons is clearly at odds with his former family, his story posts signal that he still doesn’t believe himself to be at fault for his distant relationship with his only children. The 65-year-old reposted a photo of a sign that states, “stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he  had to fight at all.”

Aoki Lee has, seemingly, given up on the matter, sharing most recently to her Instagram with screenshots of all her loving posts towards her dad in the past.

“I have always shown up for my dad as a daughter can,” expressed the model. “I have always been in his corner. I have tried everything I could try.”

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