Saucy Santana Accused Of Scamming The City of Memphis

A Memphis non-profit that booked Saucy Santana for an LGBTQ Pride event is calling out the rapper for allegedly scamming them out of thousands.

The Memphis-based non-profit One Memphis One Vision took to Instagram over the week to put Santana on blast after booking the rapper for a show he never showed up to. According to a series of scathing posts captured by The Neighborhood Talk, Santana was booked for a Juneteenth Pride event scheduled on June 18.

The non-profit agreed to pay the “Material Gworl” rapper a total of $25k to host the event and perform two songs. The contract also states that if Santana failed to show up to the event, “100% of the show money is guaranteed back to the Purchaser.”

However, Santana never showed up after missing his flight, and instead of returning the funds already given to him, Santana’s team reportedly demanded the non-profit “find him another place to perform” and pay him the backend of $10k that he was owed.”

It’s also worth noting that Santana only missed his flight because he reportedly “forgot his wallet.”

The non-profit also took issue with Santana staying inside his hotel room and leaving his team to rectify his late appearance at the event that had already ended.

“OMOV says he told Santana’s team that they needed to at least pay them back $5k to cover the money that was spent that day: $2k in travel fees and $2k for Santana’s rider, which included tequila bottles and Popeyes chicken,” THNT reports.

Santana’s team reportedly denied returning the funds and OMOV says it would take the loss but the funds paid to Santana came from the city of Memphis and is taxpayer funded.  Now the non-profit is demanding a public apology from Santana as well as a payment plan to receive the $25k owed to them— $15k for the initial booking and $10k for the other expenses.