Senator Warnock, Black Voters

Sen. Warnock Emphasizes Importance Of Black Voters In 2024 Election

Warnock believes the Biden-Harris administration has proven that Black voters matter to them.

Sen. Raphael Warnock warns his colleagues not to take Black voters “for granted.” The Democratic lawmaker from Georgia emphasized that Black voters must be a high priority in this presidential election.

Warnock appeared on MSNBC’s The Katie Phang Show, with Charles Coleman filling in for its main host, to discuss the importance of the Black electorate at the polls. The senator shared his belief that the Biden-Harris campaign is aware of Black voters’ power.

“Our job between now and November is to tell the good news of what the Biden-Harris administration has accomplished, particularly for African Americans,” explained Warnock. “Here’s the good news: Black wealth is up, some 60% since before the pandemic…[But] I know there’s work to be done. The question is, who is going to stand up for Black America? Joe Biden has receipts.”

However, Coleman noted that the concerns regarding this messaging hit Black voters. Black men, specifically, are potentially leaning toward Trump. Republicans could potentially capitalize on Black male voters feeling unheard.

“The concern from Democrats should not be if Trump will win the Black vote in November. In 2020, he took less than 10% of it,” shared Coleman. “The real concern is if he can chip away enough at Biden’s lead to turn an already-tight race in his favor.”

However, Warnock emphasized that the Biden-Harris ticket has done more to prove Black voters matter.

“Black voters cannot be taken for granted,” explained Warnock. “And I believe that Joe Biden understands that. [Vice President Harris] certainly understands it. Which is why, as we move forward into this campaign, you will see the ways in which they have already invested, far more than [former President Trump], in reaching out to Black communities even as they work to lift them up.”

According to statistics released in May by the Pew Research Center, Black voters (83%) mostly align with the Democratic Party. Moreover, nearly half (49%) would replace both Biden and Trump if able to decide.

As the election heats up, Black voters remain a critical demographic to engage with by both parties.

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