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Serena Williams Hits Grand Slam With Two-Book Publishing Deal That Includes ‘Intimate’ Memoir

Tennis great Serena Williams is the latest celebrity to decide to pull the curtain back on her personal life. The 23-time Grand Slam winner has inked a two-book deal with the Random House Publishing Group with one project slated to be an “intimate” memoir, Fortune and the Associated Press reported.

Williams, who retired from professional tennis in 2022, will discuss details of her upbringing as well as the ups and downs of her legendary historic career in a not-yet-titled book, which currently has no release date but will be the first offering from the deal.

“For so long, all I was focused on was winning, and I never sat down to look back and reflect on my life and career,” Williams said. “Over the last year I’ve really enjoyed taking the time with my growing family to celebrate my accomplishments and explore my other passions. I couldn’t be at a more perfect place to be able to take-on such a personal intimate project, and there’s no one I would rather do it with than the team at Random House.”

The publishing company promises readers an “open-hearted exploration of the experiences that have shaped her life.

Throughout he”r career, Williams became one of sport’s most dedicated voices to issues of equal pay, wellness, diversity, and Black maternal health. The second book with Random House will allow Williams to reflect on her philanthropic efforts.

The publishing house announced that “Williams will offer rules for living that draw on her experiences as a philanthropist and advocate, her career as an investment unicorn with Serena Ventures, and someone who has long sought to lift a diverse and emergent generation of young women whose aspirations are not confined to the court.”