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Social Media Chimes In On Sexyy Red’s MAGA Performance At Roots Picnic 

One social media user said the narrative is a bad look for the Black community while another said the rapper “is the last person I’d take political advice from.”

Rapper Sexyy Red made headlines on and off the stage after receiving pushback for performing at a festival with a giant “Make America Sexyy Again” hat. 

The St. Louis native made her debut at the Roots Festival on June 2 in Philadelphia, performing alongside a huge hat, mimicking the infamous “Make America Great Again” hats worn by many Donald Trump supporters. While some fans enjoyed her performance, the hats’ presence caused some to question whether she is, in fact, a Trump supporter. 

After the video of her performance circulated on Instagram, fans jumped into the comments section to call her out, feeling she was making some “not-so-intelligent decisions.” “I feel like when folks say, ‘Sexxy represents for the girls in the hood,’ they really ain’t never actually been in the hood,” @dizturbdwun wrote. 

“Sexxy represents herself and herself only. None of the girls that I grew up with on my block act like her. She is very, very extra and says and does a lot of no-so-intelligent things. Being from the hood has nothing to do with it.” 

Another social media user said the narrative is a bad look for the Black community. “I just feel like this is very distasteful to the black community! Trump don’t care nothing about us,” @thurzday__ commented. 

Other users are looking at it from another narrative, feeling it really isn’t that serious, and it’s all for show.

“I thought MAGA for her was make America ghetto again,” @ms.shymoney_ wrote. Another person said the rapper “is the last person I’d take political advice from.” @kassidybanks called out the hypocrisy of some people’s feelings as she remembers a lot of people spoofing the MAGA rhetoric. “Lmao like BFFR wasn’t everybody putting they slogans on caps, saying make America something again spoofing his hat,” she wrote. 

Sexyy first sparked controversy in October 2023 after she appeared on a podcast stating Black people started supporting Trump after he pardoned Black people from jail and released stimulus checks. “Yea, they support him in the hood because I don’t think people were fucking with him because he was racist and was against women,” she said. 

“But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people their free money, oh baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office.” 

Political commentator Angela Rye caught wind of the comments and responded, saying Black people are misinformed of what he really stands for. “This video isn’t just about Sexyy Red. This video is really, or this video series, is really to ensure that Black folks who are for Trump or, just might be, by default, understand what he’s really done or not done for us,” Rye said. 

The “Pound Town” artist performed with the same hat during the Dreamville Festival in Raleigh in April 2024, causing a similar backlash. After questioning whether her marketing strategy was an insight into who she was endorsing in the November 2024 election, the mother of two defended herself, stating she was not endorsing anyone. “It’s Sexyy Red 4 President,” she wrote. 

“I’m my own candidate. I’m not endorsing anybody, period.”

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