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Yung Joc Wants Sexyy Red ‘To Be Careful With Being Exploited’

Yung Joc is applauding the rise of Sexyy Red. But he’s also warning the St. Louis rapper about being “exploited” if she doesn’t “check those h*e spirits.”

The rapper turned reality star/radio personality was on VladTV on Oct. 11 when he shared his thoughts on Sexyy’s budding success as a hip-hop newcomer. While Joc is here for what the “SkeeYee” rapper is bringing to the rap game, he’s also expressing concern with how she’s branding herself.

“She’s not trying to pretend to be something she’s not,” he said. “I think she’s comfortable in her truth. But I think she has to be careful with being exploited.”

He continued: “I’m seeing the way she presents herself, and it’s not that she don’t know better. It’s what she’s comfortable with doing. I’m not knocking Sexyy Red. I don’t want nobody to think I’m knocking her.”

For Joc, who has eight children with four different women, he wants Sexyy, 24, to be “more sensible” with censoring herself, considering all the children that enjoy her music.

“I just think she should be a little more sensible when it comes to the censorship because these babies be listening to this sh*t, you know what I’m saying? Gotta check those h*e spirits,” he said.

His remarks come amid a recently leaked sex tape involving Sexyy Red that surfaced online last week. The rapper is known for her raunchy rap lyrics.

Her breakout single, “Pound Town,” contains a hook that boasts about her private parts being “pink” and “brown.” Her second hit single, “SkeeYee,” went viral on Twitter and has been widely embraced by young school-aged children in videos that show them singing the song in class or even with their teachers.

Sexyy, who also has appeared in features for Drake and Da Baby, recently performed a medley of her new hits at the BET Hip Hop Awards following the backlash she received after expressing support for Donald Trump.

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