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Shaquille O’Neal And Allen Iverson Look To Relaunch Jay-Z’s S. Carter And 50 Cent’s G-Unit Sneakers

Shaq said for 50 Cent and Jay-Z to 'holla' at him.

NBA Hall of Famers Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, who also work with Reebok Basketball as president and vice president, recently revealed there could be a relaunch of sneakers associated with hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z and 50 Cent.

The two former basketball players appeared in a recent episode of Sneaker Shopping With Complex. While the host discussed how sneakerheads and fans alike responded to Jay-Z wearing a pair of his Reebok S. Carter Collection sneakers at this year’s Super Bowl game, O’Neal and Iverson were asked if there would be a second coming of the popular footwear. Shaq seemed interested in making it happen, if the “Hard Knock Life” billionaire wanted it.

The TNT commentator said, “We know Jay-Z. Jay-Z, if you watching, we wanna holla at cha.”

Iverson, aka “The Answer,” chimed in by saying when the footwear was released in 2003, he was a fan of the sneakers and “wore them all summer.” He added that since he was part of the Reebok family, he and his crew were given custom-made S. Carters.

When the collection, which resembled white Gucci sneakers from 1984, was initially released, it sold 10,000 pairs just hours after they went on sale.

The next topic of discussion was 50 Cent’s G-Unit Reebok Collection. Would that be another collection to buy in stores and online? Around the same time as the release of the S. Carters, the G-Unit boss also signed a deal with Reebok to release a collection of several styles stamped with the G-Unit insignia.

Shaq also stated interest in reaching out to the television executive and gave a shout in the video. “50, when I call you, holla. Jay-Z, we’ll be calling. We definitely want to give the fans and the consumers what they want.” He assured listeners that he and Iverson would make it happen, as they anticipated having a conversation with both men, also saying there will be new styles and more technology included in future footwear for the company.

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