Single-Minded: On Living the Jet-Set Life

Single-Minded: On Living the Jet-Set Life

Living the jet-set life doesn't have to break your pockets

(The Root) I live on a plane. I live in the world. I don’t identify with a home, per se. I’m most comfortable when I’m in a foreign land. And I live well with the best of everything. The best of food, the best hotels, the best people and the best experiences.

This is a question I know you get a lot: How’d you get started? I was always a jet-setter. But my background is in business and public policy. In 2009, I was working in development at a large nonprofit in Washington when an opportunity to cover the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival presented itself. A friend of mine is an editor at a national women’s magazine, and she couldn’t make it to this fabulous trip to South Africa, and suggested I go in her place. So like any true jet-setter, I quit my job and went.