Social Media Rejoices Over Justice For Carlisha Hood & 14-Year-Old Son For Chicago Shooting

Social Media Rejoices Over Justice For Carlisha Hood & 14-Year-Old Son For Chicago Shooting

Social media is celebrating after Chicago’s State Attorney’s Office decided to drop murder charges against Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son.

The first-degree murder charges were dropped on Monday, June 26, along with other charges, WGN-TV reported. State attorneys cited “facts, evidence and the law” as their reasons for overturning the charges that came following the fatal shooting of Jeremy Brown, 32, on June 18.

A shocking video showed the heated encounter between Hood and Brown inside a restaurant. Authorities say Hood was texting her teenage son and signaling him to come to her aid with a registered firearm.

Once Brown became physical and proceeded to punch Hood repeatedly, after threatening to “knock her out,” Hood’s son fired shots at the man and he sustained a gunshot wound to the back.

Brown fled the restaurant, and the 14-year-old boy followed him and fired more shots. He sustained two gunshot wounds to the back and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Hood and her son turned themselves in to the police last week, and many debated whether or not the charges were justified, considering the surfaced video showing Brown physically assaulting Hood. But once their charges were dropped, video captured the moment they were reunited.

Hood has since filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago and five police officers over claims of being falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted, which caused emotional distress, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

“On June 18 of this year, my life changed, my son’s life changed,” Hood said in a press conference. “Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten and then arrested.”

Many have applauded the mother and son, and even hailed the teenager a “hero” in the wake of seeing the video of Brown punching Hood while others looked on.

“Such a relief! Happy for their family,” one woman wrote.

“Good! Glad to see that. My boy was just protecting his moms!!!!,” added someone else.

Others sent out their own messages of support for Hood and her son.

“#Carlishahood Glad she’s reunited with her son and family ❤️ God is good ,” one person wrote along with a clip from Hood’s press conference.

“I’m so thankful they’ve been vindicated. I wish them all the best in their road to recovering from the trauma this has caused their family,” another user tweeted.

Many others are calling out the other men who were inside the restaurant and witnessed Brown punching Hood but did nothing.

“All them grown ass men in the restaurant that allowed that guy to hit Carlisha are wastemen!” one woman wrote.

“If you were a man and you stood in the restaurant line and watched this man hit this woman multiple times and didn’t do anything. You’re a piece of sh*t,” another user quipped.

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