How To Leverage Social Media For Professional Development

How To Leverage Social Media For Professional Development

Originally Published Aug. 6, 2018.

When thinking about your online profile professionally, think about it holistically. What does your entire social media presence represent? If I view your profile across the board on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram am I going to get the same feel for who you are or will you exude something totally different on each platform? Here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to make the most of your social media presence.

Are you being consistent across all platforms? If you post a theme on Monday, have you committed to posting that theme every Monday or do you get sidetracked and post it on Monday this week and Wednesday the next week because it totally slipped your mind? When building an audience your viewers want to see consistency.

Social media gives us an opportunity to showcase the different facets of who we are; developing a narrative that is consistent with how you want to articulate who you are is really important,” said Lisa Mesa, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn. “It’s important to be intentional.”

“My typical formula is: an inspirational post in the morning, 2pm, life captures during the day, and a quirky dating after-35 sucks post at night lol,” said Suezette Yasmin Robotham, M.S. who leads D&I for Google Search. 

Lastly, when you are posting to various platforms make sure that you are clear how each platform serves you. If you are a writer, Twitter may be a better fit, if your professional career is extremely visual, Instagram may work wonders, if you are a marketer or career coach, it may be best to hang out more on LinkedIn. Figure out what platform suits you best and put the majority of your focus there. Not all social media platforms are created equal.

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