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Soulja Boy’s Property To Be Seized By Ex He Owes $472k For Pistol Whipping And Holding Hostage

Soulja Boy is being forced to pay off the $472,000 debt he owes the ex-girlfriend he allegedly held hostage and pistol-whipped for six hours.

On Friday, September 29, a judge agreed to let the sheriff’s department seize property and money from the rapper’s home in Los Angeles, Radar Online reports. It comes months after Soulja Boy was ordered to pay his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers $471,900 for the “physical and mental pain and suffering” he caused when he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted her inside his Malibu home in February 2019.

The judge presided over the case tentatively granted Myers’ motion but would not sign off on Soulja’s ex taking any cash in excess of $1,000. Myers noted Soulja’s admission of owning multiple luxury cars including a yellow Bentley, a red Lamborghini, and a Dodge Charger Hellcat.

The “Crank That” rapper also testified to owning an iced-out “Soulja Boy” necklace worth $10,000 and a black Cartier watch worth $8,000. Myers claimed that Soulja has “other items of jewelry and chains” he didn’t mention and “large stacks of cash (typically kept in backpacks)” which he “regularly posts photographs on Instagram.”

Considering all these assets, a judge authorized the sheriff’s department to enter Soulja’s home and “seize and levy” his Los Angeles property. The ruling came after the rapper attempted to claim he was broke and unable to pay the “excessive” punitive damages Myers won.

The “Turn My Swag On” hitmaker noted a $1 million tax lien filed against him and said that he doesn’t own any real property since he stopped touring consistently after the COVID-19 pandemic. But a judge scolded the rapper for spending $20,000 on rent in Los Angeles if he was so hard on cash.

In April, Myers won her assault and kidnapping lawsuit against Soulja and was awarded compensatory damages totaling $235,900—$1,800 for “mental health expenses” and the remaining $234,100 for “physical and mental pain and suffering.” The rapper was also ordered to pay an additional $236,000 in punitive damages.

Myers filed the lawsuit after allegedly being kidnapped and assaulted for six hours following a party at Soulja’s home in Miami, Billboard reports. Soulja’s ex claims she tried to leave but that one of the rapper’s assistants prevented her. She also accused Soulja of holding a gun to her head while threatening her and even striking her with the gun.

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