Cardi B

Cardi B Now Suspect In Battery Following Mic Throwing Incident In Las Vegas

Cardi B became the latest musician to have an item thrown at them onstage during a performance. The 30-year-old “WAP” singer performed at Las Vegas hotspot Drais on Saturday, July 29, and was stunned when an audience member threw a liquid onto the stage, drenching her outfit and hair; she quickly retaliated by throwing her microphone at the concertgoer.

Now, the Bronx-born rapper may have to answer for her actions.

According to TMZ, the woman who was struck by the microphone reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, and now Cardi B may have a battery charge on her hands. In a viral video, the mother-of-two is seen hurling the microphone into the audience; however, with a growing list of celebrities who have had flying objects injuring them during their live shows, many fans and commenters understood her swift actions.

The growing trend is dangerous and frowned upon by entertainers and concertgoers alike.

Other rappers have also had recent run-ins with unexpected items aimed at them from the audience. During his, It’s All A Blur tour, the Toronto-born superstar Drake has been met with everything from women’s underwear to a purse with a fan’s personal items inside, including her identification. “You didn’t think this through,” he said while inspecting the handbag. “Put It On Da Floor” rapper Latto was also seen threatening to enter the crowd after an item was thrown at her during a performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Germany on July 9. After the object is seen flying toward her, the 24-year-old tells the fan, “I will beat your a**” before continuing her performance.

It’s unclear what venues plan to do to crack down on the throwing of objects at performers. With heightened security around the size of bags and other requirements, there seems to be a need for even more precautions.