Like Father, Like Son: Bronny James To Rock The Same No. 6 Jersey As His All-Star Dad

Bronny James was named after his NBA father, LeBron James, and his high school career was scrutinized just like his father’s was. After scoring NIL deals with companies his father is associated with, such as Nike and Beats By Dre, and taking up the same sport, he has decided to wear the same number his father currently wears, No. 6.

In May 2023, Bronny announced he would be attending the University of Southern California, and at the time, the school posted a photo of him in his uniform sporting the No. 8.


Sports Illustrated reported the meaning LeBron gave for wearing his beloved six. The future Hall of Famer wore No. 23 for the Cavaliers because of his love for his idol, Micheal Jordan, who wore that number when he played with the Chicago Bulls. Yet, when he went to the Miami Heat for the 2010–11 season, he switched to No. 6.

“Why I wear number six, there’s multiple reasons,” James said, “One, because 23 is one of my favorite numbers as well, so two times three is six. … Also, my first son was born on October 6. … My youngest son [Bryce] is June 14th, the sixth month of the year. Six has always been with me ever since I was a kid for some reason, especially when it relates to my family.”

Bronny is a 6-foot-3 guard who played basketball for Sierra Canyon School in California and is considered one of the top guards in the country based on ESPN 100, placing him at No. 19 for the class of 2023.

Shortly after Bronny committed to joining the basketball team at USC, another NBA legend’s son, DJ Rodman, the son of Dennis Rodman, took to Instagram to announce that he would be heading to USC also to play basketball.