Sports Illustrated Model Tanaye White Says Uber Eats Was a ‘Fantastic’ Side Hustle

Sports Illustrated Model Tanaye White Says Uber Eats Was a ‘Fantastic’ Side Hustle

The coolest side hustler goes to businesswoman and model Tanaye White.

As the newest member of the Uber Yearbook Class of 2022, this ambitious 30-year-old found nothing wrong with delivering food from time to time when her student loans kicked in and when modeling hit a standstill during the 2020 COVID-19-induced shutdown.

White had been an Uber Eats courier since 2016, all while earning a master’s in public relations and communications from Georgetown University. She later worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs full-time and decided to start a side hustle with hopes of earning supplemental income to pay off her student loans.

“I definitely didn’t want to feel the burden of that monthly bill so I thought of ways to supplement the gap, that wouldn’t conflict with my full-time nine to five,” White explained, per Afro Tech.

“Uber Eats has been a very convenient side hustle and a way for me to earn more while having a flexible schedule with little to no starting investment on my end.”

Navigating through the pandemic was a challenge for many people regarding employment, financial security, and mental health. Some are still recovering. But for White, she says she’s “so appreciative that my side hustle was able to become my main hustle for the length of that time.”

“Uber Eats was a fantastic opportunity for me to stay afloat and earn income.”

White transitioned to full-time modeling after becoming a finalist in Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit’s 2018 model search. She ultimately became a SI Swimsuit Rookie in ’21, and has stunned on the pages of the coveted swimsuit issue since 2020.

“No matter what, always be kind. That’s a motto I apply as an Uber Eats courier, model, businesswoman, and friend,” according to White.

White is not only championing for multiple streams of income, but she is also bringing attention to mental health initiatives through her brand Feel Good Babe, Inc.