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Is St. Lunatics Beefing Over Money? Ali Alleges Nelly Owes Beaucoup Bread

During an interview on VLAD TV, St. Lunatics group member Ali Jones alleged that the group’s frontman, Nelly, owes him debts and that he went months without paying the group anything.

According to VIBE Magazine, Jones alleges that like many groups that have fallen apart throughout hip-hop’s history, Nelly fell under the sway of an unnamed co-conspirator who schemed him out of money he was owed. Jones did not state an exact figure in the video, but claims that if Nelly received $90,000, Jones would typically get $14,000.

Jones also alleges that Nelly shut down all communication when asked about the owned money.

“‘He has no real raw good intentions, not for us,” Jones told VLAD TV. “We’ve all sat together to search for a time when he did that didn’t benefit him. He wouldn’t do that—not for us. He’s always going to spoon-feed you so he can stay in a position of control..[Nelly] got $50 million. I’m happy for him. That’s what he wants. He wants a billion.”


This marks the second time Jones has made these allegations publicly, after Nelly solid half of his music, including eight LP’s to HarborView Equity Partners for $50 million. In 2021, the two men went back and forth on social media over who was responsible for writing hits from Nelly’s Country Grammar album in since-deleted posts. Jones has maintained that he wrote those songs and remained uncredited for his work because Nelly’s contract demanded that Nelly write those songs.

As Yahoo reported, each of the St. Lunatics reportedly helped Nelly write his debut album. Jones seemed to have faith that his friend would not do him dirty and he hoped Nelly would honor the group for helping him find major success.

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