How to Strengthen the Client Base You’ve Worked Hard to Build

How to Strengthen the Client Base You’ve Worked Hard to Build

If you look at my company’s internal structure, you’ll notice we are missing a key position: we have no sales representatives. We don’t have any team members who call themselves sales reps, account managers, or telemarketers.

In 2009, I left a well-known staffing firm as their sales representative to start my own company. While I was exceeding my goals as a sales representative, it didn’t align with the vision I had for how I wanted to work with clients. I didn’t want to focus all my attention every week on new clients, only to take my attention away from those I had worked tirelessly to land. So, I left to join the ownership team with Star Staffing, where I was able to make my vision come to life.

Now, this only works if you have a strong client base. If you are just starting out, yes, you’ll need sales representatives to pound the pavement, as I did when I joined in 2009. But once you have what you think is enough, work even harder to build those existing relationships and brand yourself to dominate the marketplace. I guarantee your sales will skyrocket.

Here are a few ideas to build better relationships with your clients and your network.

Be Responsive to Your Clients

We respond within 30 minutes during normal business hours. Furthermore, our recruiters (instead of account managers) have work cell phones, so that they can be just as responsive after hours. We know our clients work 24/7, and we align ourselves with their business needs.


Nicole Smartt is the owner of Star Staffing. She is the youngest recipient of the Forty Under 40 award, recognizing business leaders under the age of 40. Her book, “From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work,” can be pre-ordered on her website at

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