Styles P Favors Trump Over Biden: ‘I’d Rather Deal With Clear Racism’

Styles P Favors Trump Over Biden: ‘I’d Rather Deal With Clear Racism’

Styles P has an interesting reason why he prefers Donald Trump over Joe Biden for president in 2024. He feels Black people still are in “crisis” mode regardless of who is in office. At least with Trump, the racism was more direct.

The LOX rapper appeared on Touré Neblett’s podcast where he was asked if he supported Trump’s 2020 election. Styles says claims of him supporting Trump’s campaign aren’t true, but he did explain why he has no ties to the Republican or Democratic parties.

“That’s funny. I support independent thinkers,” Styles said.

“I’m the guy who says, pardon my French, but fu*k the red side, fu*k the blue side. They’re both different wings on one bird.”


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The “Good Times” rapper also shared why he preferred Trump’s presidency over Biden, due to how much more involved the Black community was with politics.

“If you ask me something, I did prefer when Trump was in office over Biden, and I can tell you clearly why: Black people paid more attention to what was going on,” Styles said in a clip shared online.

Touré suggested the Black community cared more because they were “in crisis” throughout Trump’s presidency. But Styles argued the crisis is still continuing today.

“Yeah, we were in crisis now though…I’d rather have you tell me you don’t like me and know you don’t like me and you inform me than me have to guess it or you secretly don’t like me but you telling me you don’t like me,” the rapper said. “I think the government’s been doing that for ages.”

“I’d rather deal with clear racism—just someone being who they are and letting you know where they come from,” he added.

When asked if he thinks the country was doing better under Trump, Styles shut that idea down. “Nah I think the country sucked under both of ’em,” he said.

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