Sukihana Trends After YK Osiris Forces Himself On Her At Public Event, Amber Rose Defends Her

Reality star Sukihana is trending across social media for two disturbing videos from separate incidents showing one male singer forcing himself on her and a male interviewer’s vulgar statements.

The “Love & Hip Hop” star is known for her sultry brand that includes graphic OnlyFans videos, social media stunts, and referring to herself as “Suki with the good c**chie.” But her online persona appears to be misunderstood by overly aggressive men who are getting called out for their disturbing advances.

On Tuesday, June 13, singer YK Osiris came under fire after a video showed him forcing a kiss on Sukihana while she judged a Crew League basketball tournament in Atlanta this past weekend. Osiris walked behind Suki and rubbed her shoulders before leaning down and grabbing her face in an attempt to kiss her.

Sukihana looked visibly taken aback and leaned down to protect her face from touching Osiris. That’s when the singer started laughing and clapping hands with bystanders in what appeared to be approval seeking for his actions.

Social media wasted no time accusing Osiris of “sexually assaulting” Suki in front of a room full of people.

“She was sexually assaulted and people just sitting their laughing…,” one user wrote.

“Jail time for everyone involved, everyone who watched and laughed too,” added another.

Amber Rose entered the chat on Wednesday, June 14 to defend Sukihana after watching her get “sexually assaulted and no one did anything!”

“This is the entertainment industry and she is an entertainer,” Amber wrote in a post captured by Onsite.

“Using her lyrics and her persona as an excuse to physically touch her and force her without consent is absolutely disgusting.”


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The shocking video came on the heels of another encounter Sukihana had with an overly aggressive male host on Kandi Burruss‘ podcast who was called a “creep” for his vulgar advances at the reality star.

Debates ensued in the comments between many who defended Suki and others who blamed her for how she presents herself online. There were also spectators who questioned Kandi’s nonchalant response to her co-host.

“They literally think if you do stuff like suki that’s it’s ok for them to act like him,” one user wrote. “I would’ve left & why is kandi just laughing.”

“Caught second hand embarrassment fr,” another said.

“Sexual harassment and kandi is just laughing it off,” added someone else.