Survey: ChatGPT Job Skill May Help Boost Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Survey: ChatGPT Job Skill May Help Boost Your Chances Of Getting Hired

A technology tool that’s getting a lot of chatter now, ChatGPT perhaps could be among the professional job skills you need to help launch your career or land a dream job.

A robust 98% of hiring managers report that by next year it will be more important for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT experience for some roles, a new survey by higher education website shows.

A natural language processing tool powered by AI technology, ChatGPT enables you to ask questions and get human-like responses from a chatbot among its functions. It can help with duties like drafting job descriptions, writing essays and emails, and processing code.

Other findings from Intelligent’s survey of 1,000 hiring managers revealed 94% recommend college students take ChatGPT coursework. Some 93% say the experience can boost recent college grads’ résumé, and 91% say it will be more important for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT knowledge by next year by next year. And 86% of the managers are convinced having ChatGPT can be more valuable than a college degree.

Another survey of 1,000 U.S. business leaders by Resume Builder revealed that 90% of those polled disclosed ChatGPT experience is a beneficial skill for job seekers. Some 93% of existing users say they plan to expand their usage, and almost 50% report it’s now among their practices.

The key point appears to be that companies want to draw top talent familiar or well-versed in the latest technology like ChatGPT. Those candidates may also be more attractive to businesses if they can engage in jobs without any or little investment from a company for training.

ChatGPT gained much attention after it was launched late last year by OpenAI. Its ability to chat on many different topics and produce understandable text from prior conversations supposedly helped make it popular fast. It purportedly can impact the nation’s workplace, along with education, home office, and many areas where people are involved with written communications.

However, observers say ChatGPT is not perfect proof and has limitations like other AI technology. For instance, they concur it can perhaps eliminate human jobs, unintentionally provide biased or discriminatory information, and create data privacy and security concerns.

Blanca Villagomez, college admissions and education advisor at Intelligent, explained by email that we live in a digital era. There is a great benefit in staying attuned to the new technological advances shaping the workforce. She says now ChatGPT is taking center stage.

She says the Intelligent’s survey findings can provide Black students with insights into the skillset they can develop during college to increase their competitiveness post-graduation. “I encourage students to spend time understanding ChatGPT and researching how to optimize it responsibly. Doing so can help students develop new technical skills that are highly sought after in the job market.”

Villagomez also stated, “I encourage my students to become competent in new technological areas because it gives them an edge in job applications. Companies want to hire individuals who have an appetite for learning and challenging themselves. Staying relevant to the dynamic changes in technological advancements is key.”

Boosting their know-how of ChatGPT may too be helpful to Black Americans underrepresented at jobs in the corporate world. Research has shown that only 5% of senior executives at Fortune 500 companies are Black or Latino despite 30% of Americans belonging to those racial groups.

Further, students may do well to use resources they have on college campuses to learn more about ChatGPT by talking with career counselors, Black faculty and staff, and academic organizations. They may be able to offer insight into ChatGPT and how it could impact students’ career opportunities and goals.

Jenna Carson, human resources and operations manager at the Music Grotto website stated she would strongly recommend that all college students interested in marketing, sales, public relations, computer and data science, media communications, and professional writing complete coursework in ChatGPT.

“While it is not a firm requirement, we do prioritize applicants whose experience includes familiarity with the platform,” she stated.