Tax Apps and Useful Online Tools For Small Business Owners

Tax season is here and many small business owners are asking themselves how they can improve their overall business practices in 2016 to turn more profit, boost their brand image, and better manage employees. There are several resources and apps available to assist entrepreneurs with their taxes and better manage their business finances.

The most recognizable is perhaps TurboTax, from Intuit. At $99.99, which includes the cost of one e-file of a tax return, the online app allows you to identify and get the most money for your tax deductions. You can also use it to create W2 and 1099 forms for your employees. Throughout the year, you can use this app to help track expenses, too.

Then there is an app that that comes directly from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS2Go mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to track your refund. It also provides you with tax prep information. What’s more, you can request tax return information and account transcripts through the app.

A new online resource was recently launched for small businesses from the year-round online do-it-yourself tax filing solutions, TaxAct. Titled TaxAct BizAdvance, this resource offers useful tools and guidance to small business owners and entrepreneurs including retirement planning, payment solutions, digital marketing, business formation document filing, and business lending solutions. BizAdvance connects entrepreneurs to a pool of expert resources to help them navigate every stage of the business life cycle to better grow and manage their companies.

“Even the most experienced business owner faces challenges when managing the many aspects of running a successful business,” notes JoAnn Kintzel, TaxAct president. “TaxAct has helped many business owners save time and money by filing their own tax returns. But, we have taken that a step further by serving as a resource throughout the year. BizAdvance links entrepreneurs to information and guidance from industry leaders that can help them overcome challenges during any stage of their business.”

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TaxACT BizAdvance’s list of features and partners include:

Retirement planning: Ubiquity Retirement + Savings makes it easy for business owners to offer their employees simple, flat-fee-for-service retirement and savings plans. Ubiquity ensures users can manage 401(k) plans in minutes, get unbeatable tax savings for themselves and their business, and access their own personal Customer and Saver Success Team for help.

Comprehensive payment solutions: Through BizAdvance, visitors can connect with BluePay to identify comprehensive payment processing solution(s) that best fit the unique needs of their business. BluePay offers robust, secure payment solutions through physical point of sale (POS), online and mobile interfaces, as well as business management software integrations. The company processes credit, debit and ACH transactions while providing real-time settlement, reporting, and reconciliation, making it simple for businesses to manage payments.

Digital marketing made easy: Webiquity makes it easy for businesses to compete online with its digital marketing platform. The company offers dedicated marketing managers who construct and manage complete online presence campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses. Webiquity’s services also include mobile-friendly websites, SEO, social media and local presence marketing, so business owners can generate awareness and reach customers at various levels.

Quick, convenient business formation document filing: MyCorporation, a leader in online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, makes business formation and maintenance quick and painless, so business owners can focus on what they do best.

Business lending solutions: Leading online platform, Biz2Credit, matches borrowers to financial institutions based on each company’s unique profile. The online application and ongoing credit monitoring process is safe, efficient, and price-transparent.