Teen In Tears After Being Arrested And Charged For Stabbing Community Activist

Teen In Tears After Being Arrested And Charged For Stabbing Community Activist

On Oct. 3, activist Ryan Carson was fatally stabbed in an unprovoked attack while walking down the street with his girlfriend.

Brooklyn teenager Brian Dowling is alleged to be responsible for Carson’s death. The suspect was arrested and pictured crying as he was escorted from the police precinct after being charged with the deadly attack.

According to The New York Post, Dowling was seen in hand and ankle cuffs at the 81st Precinct in Bedford–Stuyvesant after police officers charged the 18-year-old with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Investigators went to his apartment and found a knife and a sweatshirt that matched the one he allegedly wore on Oct. 3.


Dowling was apprehended by police officers at his residence on Lafayette Avenue near Malcolm X Boulevard.

Carson was attacked and killed several days before what would have been his 32nd birthday on Oct. 6.

The New York Post shared surveillance footage that captured the alleged attack on Carson, who jumped between the suspect and his girlfriend when Dowling approached them. The couple were heading back home from a wedding they attended on Long Island. Carson was a campaign organizer for the New York Public Interest Research Group.

The video shows Carson being stabbed three times and his girlfriend being spit on. Police said Dowling may have just fought with a woman friends said was his twin sister before the incident. Before the stabbing, he was seen kicking and damaging mopeds and scooters parked on the sidewalk. As he was doing that, he allegedly turned to Carson and said, “What the f**k are you looking at?”

Carson’s father, Ken, took to his Facebook page the morning of Oct. 5  to inform friends and family that Dowling was captured.

“Assailant has been caught,” before he added another statement, “More details will follow.”

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