Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Becomes Creative Consultant And Investor In Premium Sake Brand

Naomi Osaka stunned the world in 2018 when she defeated champion Serena Williams in the U.S. Open Finals. The victory turned Osaka, at the tender age of 20, into one of the most prominent faces in tennis.

Since her victory, the half-Haitian, half-Japanese 22-year-old has become the number one ranked player in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and officially represents Japan in the U.S. Olympics games.

This week, Osaka added investor to her long list of titles, thanks to a new business deal with premium sake brand Soto. The two-time Grand Slam winner is now an investor and a creative consultant tasked with overseeing the brand known for its authentic taste and high-end quality.

“As a native of Japan, I am proud to be involved with a product that is authentically Japanese,” said Osaka in a press statement. “SOTO’s status as a made-in-Japan, traditional ‘Japanese sake’ is another major reason I’m supporting the brand.

“Naomi’s elegant, serene demeanor and philosophical outlook on her life and young career are big reasons we wanted her to be involved with SOTO,” said company co-founder Billy Melnyk in a press statement. “Appreciating true Japanese sake is a transportive and enlightening experience, and we wanted our first publicly celebrated investor to embody that.”

“We’re sharing the traditions of Japan through SOTO Sake’s modernized form, introducing the drinking experience of sake to more people, and contributing to the category’s increased popularity.”