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Study Finds Testosterone Replacement Can Help Men With Type 2 Diabetes

In a new medical study, the inclusion of testosterone replacement therapy can be quite beneficial to men dealing with type 2 diabetes. This reveal is considered to be a breakthrough to remedy not only sexual dysfunction but also issues stemming from the disease itself.

The audit, which included 428 diabetic participants from eight countries globally, surveyed patient data to review testosterone levels, as reported by Medscape. With testosterone replacement therapy initiated, 121 of the men found “a significant reduction” of their A1c levels, which measures one’s blood sugar, within 1-2 years.

With the newfound information, the coordinators of the audit encourage doctors and patients to check for one’s testosterone and to seek treatment if lower than usual.

“If you have a patient with type 2 diabetes, sexual dysfunction, or fatigue, please consider checking their testosterone level,” expressed study lead author Dr. T. Hugh Jones to the medical news outlet. “And if they fulfill criteria for testosterone deficiency and have had their [prostate-specific antigen] checked, consider a trial of treatment and follow them.”

Dr. Jones, an endocrinologist based in the United Kingdom, also emphasized the value of doctors inserting this data into the international audit to gain further insight into the impact of this treatment.

Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition that is particularly common within the Black community. According to the National Health Institute, Black adults in the United States are almost twice as likely to develop the disease than their white counterparts.

While the results are promising, other doctors remain cautious, given the correlation of diabetes-induced weight gain to lower testosterone levels. However, for those who are suffering from the decrease in the primary male sex hormone, treatment can provide a wide range of benefits that can be of help beyond the bedroom.

“It’s important when you give testosterone to replace it to the normal level,” explained Dr. Jones. “Adequate treatment gives the greatest benefit.”

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