New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Lamor Whitehead

Texts Between NYC Mayor Eric Adams And Bishop Lamor Whitehead Reveal Dispute With Top Advisor

The bishop had beef with the mayor's top adviser, Ingrid Lewis-Martin regarding a concert series in 2018

Text messages sent between New York City Mayor Eric Adams and convicted Bishop Lamor Whitehead from 2016 through 2022 reveal that the mayor tried to appease the aptly named “Bling Bishop” in disputes that Whitehead was engaging in with the mayor’s top adviser, Ingrid Lewis-Martin.

The New York Daily News recently obtained transcripts of the messages. Federal prosecutors seized the texts for a case where Whitehead was convicted of wire fraud, attempted extortion, and lying to the FBI.

The messages show the friction that the convicted Whitehead had with Lewis-Martin.

In one of the text messages obtained by the media outlet, Adams tries to reason with Whitehead while telling him that he and his advisor were both acting immaturely.

This text was from Aug. 30, 2018, and the message was because Whitehead accused her of stifling his efforts to make money off a concert series Adams was hosting when he was the Brooklyn borough president.

“The two of you have anger management issues and need to grow up,” Adams stated in the text message. “The reason you two don’t get along is because you both are immature and need to grow up. I have too much to do to entertain it.”

Another text unveiled by the media outlet shows that Adams chastised Whitehead for making public statements that allege that Adams was throwing his support behind Whitehead in a political race, which he wasn’t.

“You are not my candidate for Boro President,” Adams wrote in a text sent on May 2, 2018. “You a good friend, but you have to be ready. This is not a game.”

On June 11, 2021, Adams sent Whitehead a text telling the Bishop to stop misleading people into thinking that Adams was endorsing him.

“I am not endorsing in the BP race … Don’t put me in a position where the press gets this flyer and ask am I endorsing you. Then your opponents will right [sic] a story saying you are misleading,” Adams texted.

Whitehead is currently in federal jail after a judge revoked his bail. He is waiting for a sentencing hearing in July.

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