[The Ad Men] Meet Badara Badou Ndiaye

Name: Badara (Badou) Ndiaye

Profession: CEO and Founder of BSMLifestyle, LLC (Social Media Business) and www.badaraofficial.com / Men’s Fashion Editor at www.FashionToMax.com

Age: 31

I have changed/contributed to my industry by: Bringing a fresh perspective to the men’s fashion platform.

There comes a time in every athletes career when they come to the realization that their playing days are winding down. For the 6’11” basketball player Badara (Badou) Ndiaye, that moment came much sooner than expected. Born in Senegal and the son of a diplomat, Ndiaye  was specifically handpicked to play basketball for the U.S. and did not disappoint. He played for the Iowa Hawkeyes, and subsequently for FIU then almost in the same breath, he became injured.

After a career changing surgery derailed his promising collegiate and professional careers, he had to re-invent himself. After digging deep inside himself he was able to pull out his true purpose which is the love, for aesthetic, beauty, and fashion.

The combination of art and fashion has driven Ndiaye to heights that his 6’11” frame could never had dreamed of. “Being 6’11” helps me stand “above”  the crowd,” Ndiaye tells BE Modern Man. “My personal style gives me an extra couple of inches.” At his height, Ndiaye is a walking advertising piece for himself as he builds his career as a fashion editor, trendsetter, and brand originator.

A regular participant in Milan Fashion Week, Ndiaye has been featured in GQ/UK, New York times, WSJ, and Women’s Wear Daily. “Having my basketball career abruptly interrupted, I had to find myself a career which I would find fulfillment in,” says Ndiaye. “I had to totally rebrand and recreate myself from a 6’11” basketball player to a 6’11” men’s fashion influencer. The marketing and rebranding of myself took a concerted effort to say the least.”

Currently, Badara is traveling in and out of the US, fulfilling his passion. The originator of Badara Official, Ndiaye offers his audience a peek into what men’s fashion wear is really all about from a consistent, palpable, and fashion forward life changing point of view. “I believe there is a saying that states fashion is what you buy, and style is what you make of it,” Ndiaye tells BE Modern Man. “Style is something personal, and is the one thing in my industry that sets us all apart from each other. As I develop the marketing and advertising plans around my fashion business I always keep this at the forefront of my mind.”

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