BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Badara Badou Ndiaye

[The Ad Men] Meet Badara Badou Ndiaye

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Men - Badara Badou Ndiaye
Badara Badou Ndiaye, Badara Official
BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Men - Badara Badou Ndiaye
Badara Badou Ndiaye, Badara Official

Despite the derailment of a promising basketball career Ndiaye found the strength to move forward. Solicited by high profile names like  Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and Jennifer Lopez, Ndiaye was thrusted into the limelight as the main actor/model in an energy drink commercial. “I always say follow your dreams, keep your eyes on the ball, and never give up because there will be obstacles in life but you just have to keep going,” Ndiaye tells BE Modern Man. “I moved to the U.S. in 2005 after receiving a Division I basketball scholarship. I thought I was going to play professional basketball, but unfortunately I had to stop playing due to a knee surgery. The lesson is to never let an obstacle stop you dead in your tracks. Get right back up and do something great with your life. The only thing stopping you is you.”

Beyond his passion for fashion, Nydiaye is working with MedChild International to alleviate human suffering of children by providing needed medical care. “I have had a few advertising campaigns that I really liked, but one that I am really enjoying still is MedChild.” Ndiaye knows first hand how life can change in an instant, therefore he is using his platform to create brand awareness for the organization and the children.

“Let me tell you something, being 6’11” in the fashion world is very challenging. My main objective is to encourage everyone I encounter to express his or her individuality through whichever outlet they may choose. For me it is fashion, and fashion is connecting people in a similar way that social media does. As advertising moves to a space of connectivity and brand transparency, I believes that this is what was missing in fashion advertising and marketing. The ability to witness a diverse group of people being represented in a traditionally monolithic industry is much needed.”

A men’s fashion jewel has arrived through the diligent eye of Badara Official, and that jewel is gleaming bright. “Being named  a BE Modern Man is such a humbling honor,” says Ndiaye. “I am in a group of elite leaders that keep on going, persevere,  innovates and inspires.”

The team salutes Badara (Badou) Ndiaye for standing tall in the face of his challenges and finding his true passion outside of the sport he loves. We are honored to call  Ndiaye a BE Modern Man. Stayed tuned as the 6’11” fashion influencer continues to make an impact and changes the traditional marketing and advertising strategies in the world of fashion.

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