[The Ad Men] Meet Deven Chase

Name: Deven Chase

Profession: Real Estate Agent

Age: 31

I have have contributed to the advertising and marketing industry by: applying my advertising and marketing background to the real estate industry which creates a unique client/realtor experience in today’s real estate market.

A longtime member of the Las Vegas community, Deven Chase has put his imprint on the Real Estate industry in the Las Vegas market. His experience in finance, and background in marketing and advertising has lead Chase to the creation of Elite Homes, and partnership with Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty. Most recently Chase was recognized as a “Best of the Year” Luxury Professional by Deluxe Version Magazine. His vast knowledge of the market combined with an expansive network has positioned Chase as one of the most sought after realtors in the Las Vegas real estate industry.

A third generation Realtor, Chase puts forth the effort to add to the legacies in his family and culture through his understanding of the market, his ability to connect clients, and maintaining his moral compass to close deals. “I hold my value system highly,” Chase tells BE Modern Man. “Value is more than just theory in my eyes. Although I may fall short at times, my diligence in continuous efforts to reach my goals directly assist me in being resilient and rising above the minutiae we all experience from day to day.” Learning to tune into other business professionals and leaders who are consistent and lead by example has served Chase well in his ascension in the industry. “I have adopted and inherited a work ethic that I can be proud of in order to lead by example for those who may be tuned in to me.”

With more and more businesses being lured to the desert, people are looking for trustworthy realtors like Chase to help them settle in and get acclimated to the Vegas life. “In a city that is built on handshakes, it is important to be poised, ethical and knowledgeable when networking,” says Chase. “I attribute the success I’ve seen to truly having a passion for Las Vegas and maintaining a belief that I am living with purpose. This belief has developed strong character within me and continues to influence my decisions as I strive for higher levels.” Higher levels are within arms reach as Chase aims to break new sales records while increasing volunteer hours and speaking engagements in the community.

While increasing volunteer hours are firmly etched in Chase’s plans, he is not new to reaching out to the young adults in the community. “I often tell the young men that I mentor to always play to their strengths and build on them,” Chase tells BE Modern Man. “By uncovering areas of opportunity and self discovery our young men will be on their way to success.”

Chase has learned that it is paramount to always be of service to others and this usefulness will lead to constant opportunities, partnerships and new benchmarks. “A positive attitude, faith and optimism will go a long way so allow it to be your life blood,” says Chase. “Pessimism, negativity and procrastination are mindsets and psychological pitfalls to avoid by all means.”

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