[The Ad Men] Meet Jamaal Davis

Name: Jamaal Davis

Profession: Licensed Real Estate Salesperson / Real Estate Advisor

Age: I am 24 years old. I will be 25 in January! I’m very excited for the next quarter century of my life

I have changed and contributed to my industry by: Having a finance background, I takes an analytical approach to real estate, with a keen eye on value and returns, and I understand the importance of market trends and their impact.

A native New Yorker with a background in insurance sales, Jamaal Davis brings an extensive marketing and negotiating experience to real estate. Known for his personal commitment to personalized service Davis uses his experiences in finance and consultative selling to close the deal. Furthermore these experiences helped him understand the importance of client-centric service and provided him with invaluable knowledge of branding, marketing, advertising and relationship building. Holding a BA from Morehouse College and several certificate from international programs has fostered the innate ability to connect with a broad spectrum of individuals.

Never taking life for granted, Davis lets life fuel his inspiration to succeed. Following his parents passing, Davis found himself in an extremely rough spot. Between the subsequent sale of their house he had to use his gym membership at Bally’s to take showers. I was homeless, and everything I knew up until age 16 had changed,” Davis tells BE Modern Man. “I felt defeated and at a low point in life. For me it’s simple. Life in and of itself inspires me to create possibilities.”

On a daily basis Davis receives calls from individuals who have vouchers, low credit scores and are living in shelters, but have jobs. Many who are trying to do better for themselves and their families, but find it difficult to seek counsel. “My motto has always been to help everybody and the money will come,” says Davis. For Davis it goes beyond simply marketing and advertising his real estate listings. Personal branding, and genuinely marketing himself as the realtor who helps everyone is worth more than any commission he can receive. “Whether its owner paid or management paid, this type of work you can do pro-bono and make it up elsewhere,” Davis tells BE Modern Man. “I am never above working with millennials and those underrepresented— elderly or empty-nesters, first time home buyers and renters alike.”

Never one to settle with current success, there are several goals Davis aims to accomplish as he moves forward in his career. “I still have my insurance business in Atlanta, so I will continue to grow the business accounts while simultaneously picking up more small businesses and perhaps assisting with commercial real estate needs,” says Davis. “I also hope to open up foster homes and affordable housing developments in my community, and specific targeted cities around the country.”

As a younger adult Davis would often pick up Black Enterprise Magazine to see “who’s who” within our community. This helped to fuel his aspirations, and anytime the feeling defeat set in he would think back to the many struggles the successful men and women he read about went through. “BE Modern Man provides real examples of Black excellence,” says Davis. “In many troubled neighborhoods all across this country, too few African-Americans have role models to guide them. This type of print exposure sets the bar for expectancy.’

Continuing to set his personal bar for career and life success, Davis remembers the days when he was homeless, fired from a job, and sleeping on a friends couch. Davis understands that each individual success is bigger than the individual himself. “To me, the BE Modern Man is a renaissance man with a social conscience who adds value and serves others.”

The BlackEnterprise.com team salutes Jamaal Davis for battling through the major personal, educational and career setbacks he has faced. We are honored to call Jamaal Davis a BE Modern Man and look forward to seeing his growth as he continues to raise the bar for success by challenging the standards of the industry. Specifically by bringing high level marketing and advertising and investor contacts skill set and client base to areas otherwise left untapped.

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