BE Modern Man Spotlights - Ad Men: Meet Gary Coichy

[The Ad Men] Meet Gary Coichy

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Men - Gary Coichy
Gary Coichy, 24/7 Real Media

Name: Gary Coichy

Profession: Digital Marketing Professional

Age: 34

Gary Coichy, a digital professional who has marked his name in the digital advertising marketing industry working on campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as L’Occitane, Lacoste and Toys”R”Us. Born and raised in Haiti, Coichy moved to the U.S. when he was 16 and went on to attend Berkeley College and Regent’s University in London for International Business.

Coichy launched his career in sales with as an advertising sales representative. His career took of after he found his niche in eMarketing with 24/7 Real Media and now leads a team that manages the strategy and execution for Social marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands at MediaCom.

Determined to succeed, Coichy was inspired by his parents who worked hard to ensure that him and his family could receive the best quality of life they could provide. When it comes to the marketing and advertising geniuses Steve Stoute, marketing guru and CEO of Translation is who Coichy studies closely. “He is able to connect a lot of artists and talents through actual large corporation for those people to become brand name,” Coichy tells BE Modern Man.

Early in his career proving credibility and expertise was a major challenge for Coichy. Understanding the barriers he faced Coichy became proactive in his personal career development. “I began attending seminars, companies events and MediaPost to accelerate my growth,” says Coichy. “These events have helped expanded my network and knowledge on the industry as a whole.”

Coichy believes that there are many opportunities in the digital world for minorities however many are not well aware of the industry hence, not aggressively pursuing it. “I think a lot of educational webinars and resources need to be made available for minorities, specifically while still in school,” Coichy tells BE Modern Man. “My tip for them is to never stop learning and work harder than your peers. Be more diligent, and seek out industry seminars, workshops and webinars.”

Coichy sees the importance of having personal projects as they help to create a  good work life balance. “It allows you to be more proactive and you become more well-rounded,” Coichy says. Currently, Coichy is writing a personal book titled “The Bachelor’s of New York City” which touches on the lives of bachelors in New York City.

To be a BE Modern Man means that I am making an impact within my industry and more importantly in my community,” says Coichy. Now an expert in the digital marketing industry, his goal is to help others grow and develop winning strategies for larger corporations.

The team salutes Gary Coichy for taking his career development in his own hands by proactively seeking out opportunities to grow. Now a seasoned digital marketing professional, we look forward to seeing Gary inject his creative genius into the advertising and marketing realm.

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–written by Jia Lim