‘The Memo’ is Minda Harts’ Love Letter to Black Women in the Workplace
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‘The Memo’ is Minda Harts’ Love Letter to Black Women in the Workplace

Minda Harts
Minda Harts at 2020 Women of Power Summit (Image: File)

Minda Harts, founder and CEO of The Memo, is regarded as one of the top voices when it comes to advocating for black women in the workplace. Her company, The Memo L.L.C., is a career development company providing tools, access, and a robust community for women of color and for the companies where they work. She also leads the Women of Color Equity Initiative, which focuses on increasing the number of women of color in management and C-suite roles in corporate and not-for-profit organizations through the Women of Color Equity Initiative.

Harts is on a mission to equip women with the tools they need to build their own seats to bring to the table. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, The Memo, and she says that it is a love letter to black women in the workplace.

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As black women find their footing on the corporate ladder, Harts works around the clock with leaders facilitating tough conversations about equity and inclusion. To date, Harts has lead conversations and hosted workshops at Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Intel, SXSW, TIME INC, Campaign For Black Male Achievement, General Assembly, Ellevate Network, We Work, THE WING, and more.

In March, Harts joined BLACK ENTERPRISE at the 15th Annual Women of Power Summit to lend her expertise on the “Working While Black” and “Winning against Microaggression on the Job” session.

During the Summit, we sat down with Harts to recap her experience at the Summit as a speaker after once being an attendee, her agency for advocating for others, and actionable steps women can take in the workplace to stand in their greatness.

Minda Harts on Shaking the Table

Tune in as Harts shares her experience and the importance of black women being heard and seen in the workplace.


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