Theresa Randle Sighting Ignites Concern After Actress Was Replaced By Tasha Smith In ‘Bad Boys 4’

Fans are expressing growing concern about actress Theresa Randle after the “Bad Boys” star was seen sitting in a walker amid being recasted in the film franchise.

On May 4, a video clip surfaced online showing Randle seated in a walker and talking to locals. In the clip, shared by The Neighborhood Talk, the actress wore a Disneyland sweater, plaid pants, a baseball cap and gloves.

One woman who was reportedly at the scene when the video clip was recorded explained the encounter and said Randle was at Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles helping the community.

“For the thousandth time she was not in a wheelchair. She was on a walker due to a broken femur, and she was downtown helping out the Skid Row community,” they explained.

“I am the young lady you hear her in the background talking with as well as my nephew. People are so rude and always pass judgment not even knowing the situation.”

After the video made its rounds on social media, Randle’s former manager Roger Neal confirmed the clip is of the Girl 6 star.

“That’s definitely her. 100 percent,” Neal told Radar Online.

Neal hasn’t represented Randle in nearly a decade and says many casting agents continue to reach out to him in hopes of booking the actress, but he is unsure of who currently represents her.

The unusual sighting came amid reports that Tasha Smith will replace Randle as the wife of Martin Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett in the upcoming Bad Boys 4, Variety reports. Randle has played Lawrence’s wife in all three Bad Boy installments and fans have been wondering what caused the recasting.

The video clip has only heightened speculation on whether or not Randle’s health played a part in her being recast. Smith is best known for her roles as Carol in the drama series Empire, Ronnie Boyce in HBO’s Emmy-winning series The Corner, and Angela in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?

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