‘This Is How You Do It’: Texas Mother’s ‘Tuck And Roll’ School Drop-Off Tutorial Goes Viral

‘This Is How You Do It’: Texas Mother’s ‘Tuck And Roll’ School Drop-Off Tutorial Goes Viral

This school season, a Texas mother is teaching parents how to prepare for the tuck and roll, her now-viral technique for the kids to exit the car efficiently in the mornings.

Lateasha Witherspoon, 32, frustrated with the drop-off line at her sons’ school, took to social media to demonstrate how to make the process easier for parents everywhere. Starring her boys, Jason, 8, and Jeremiah, 6, the now-viral video features a step-by-step tutorial amassing over 3 million views on TikTok.

“We’ve been to three different schools and it’s the same thing no matter where you go,” Witherspoon told TODAY Parents. “No matter what time you get there, it’s always slow. I get anxiety every morning. We’ve got to get to our jobs, we have places to be.”

“First things first, put your kids on the passenger side of the car,” Witherspoon says, adding if you have multiple kids, teach them how to “one-two step on out, slide or shuffle, whatever you gotta do to get them out.”

The kiddos attentively look at the camera while their mother continues listing her tips. In the next step, Witherspoon says to ensure that the children are holding the car door latch about “three or four cars” away from their turn to exit the vehicle.

“Third, stay with me, they should have their backpacks on in the car,” she advises. “It’s OK, they’re working on their posture. Let them sit up. They need to be ready to go.”

@teashawitherspoon This is how you do it!!! #schooldropoffsbelike #schooldropoffline #tuckandroll ♬ original sound – Teasha Witherspoon

Meanwhile, Witherspoon captures a parked car and a woman helping a child out of the backseat.

“Ya’ll have got to stop getting out of the car and opening the doors for them. Let them open their own damn door — it takes too much time,” she affirms.

The last piece of advice wraps it all up with a comedic bow.

“Most importantly, we are yielding,” Witherspoon says jokingly. “It’s not a stop. It’s a yield… We’re gonna teach them how to tuck and roll.”

In response, social media is resonating with Witherspoon’s advice, while some are even hoping to enlist her to present her information to another audience.

“Miss ma’am- teacher here can I book you for a family night to present this very helpful information?!,” one user wrote.

“Yes girl cause why y’all got to wait to last minute for kisses and hugs and going through backpacks. We gets ready before we pull in the lot ❤️u bye.”

Jason and Jeremiah’s school principal thanked Witherspoon for sharing the tutorial and wants to post it to  the school Facebook page.