Tim Scott

Tim Scott Finally Reveals “Lovely Christian Girl” During 3rd Republican Debate

Tim Scott finally reveals "lovely Christian girl" to the world after the third Republican debates in Miami.

Presidential candidate Tim Scott waited until the end of the third Republican debate to reveal what voters really wanted to see – his girlfriend.

A mystery blond woman appeared at the end of the debates in Miami, and a statement from his campaign admitted that it was his girlfriend, Mindy, USA Today reported. Mindy Noce is a design and renovations manager from Charleston, SC. As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, donors were concerned about the 58-year-old’s love life, which prompted him to reveal he is dating what he described as a “lovely Christian girl.”

During a post-debate interview, Scott said he and Noce have been dating for “about a year or so,” and said she was with him during his campaign launch in early 2023.

It’s standard for candidates to show off their significant others and families on the campaign trail to appeal as personable to voters. As Scott has never been married and has no children, if he were elected president, he would be the first unmarried president in over 139 years, according to The New York Post.

Before Scott made the big reveal, the South Carolina senator made his mark during the debates on Nov. 8, but things got a little heated. During the two-and-half-hour-long program, Scott, along with fellow candidates Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis, battled it out on issues including the ban of TikTok, U.S. aid to Ukraine, abortion, and the crisis in Israel. As Scott barely qualified to participate, USA Today reported he may have missed his mark again.

GOP strategist Rob Stutzman said he was good but not good enough. “He had a good night,” Stutzman said. “But so did the candidates ahead of him.” His faith-based messaging tended to be overshadowed by his competitors. When addressing the U.S. over the war in Israel, Scott said he feels all federal funding towards universities and visas for foreign students should be revoked if they are against Israeli support.

He does have one last shot at standing out for the next RNC debate, scheduled for Dec. 6 in Tuscaloosa, AL but the qualifications are much stricter. In order to participate, candidates will need 6% support in at least two polls and 80,000 unique donors from 20 or more states.