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American Voters Are Over Elderly Elected Officials And Are Pushing For Age Limit

As health issues become more and more apparent for senior government leadership, the big question is: Should there be an age limit on elected officials?

A new poll of voters says yes, Axios reports. A CBS News/YouGov survey found that more than 75% of voters want a maximum age limit for politicians. This means once an elected official reaches a certain age, they can no longer hold that office. It seems to be one of the things voters from both sides of the aisle can agree on—76% of Democrats and 79% of Republicans are calling for maximum age limits.

The battle is exactly what age should be the limit. Of those who took the survey, 45% said the age limit should be capped at 70, and 30% said 50 or 60 should be the limit. Only 18% think 80 is still young enough to get things done as an elected official. Voters aren’t the only ones with something to say.

House Republicans and other members of Congress are also pushing for an age limit, aiming to get some new blood on the floor. Black freshman House member Rep. John James (R-MI) introduced new legislation in early September that calls for lawmakers to amend the U.S. Constitution and establish regulations for an upper age limit for eligibility to be president, vice president, or a member of Congress, according to FOX News.

James says it’s time for a change. “You can’t watch a video of Feinstein or McConnell or Biden and tell me that everything’s OK,” James said. “It’s not just us saying it; it’s our adversary seeing it; they see that America has lost a step.” If the bill passes, Congress would need to work on a Constitutional amendment that would stop anyone from running for those offices if the person is 75 years or older during their term.

When James was asked how the new law would affect four-time indicted presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom he’s endorsed, he pointed out that the process would take years to implement.