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Legacy Of Tina Turner To Be Highlighted In New Comic Book

The comic book was created to keep her memory and artistry alive for the next generation.

Tina Turner is getting recognition for her legacy and story through an unconventional format. The late music icon is being highlighted through a new comic book.

The book, produced by TidalWave Comics, will detail the Queen of Rock and Roll’s story as part of its “Tribute” series. The book, released on Nov. 24, hopes to expand upon her audience to commemorate the artist further.

“The Tribute comic book series is dedicated to preserving the legacies of beloved entertainers who have left us,” Darren Davis, TidalWave’s publisher, told theGrio. “It serves as a heartfelt tribute to those individuals who have left an indelible mark on our world.”

Celebrating what would have been Turner’s 84th birthday on Nov. 26, her story delves beyond her musical achievements to highlight her personal victories. In the form of a comic book titled “Tribute: Tina Turner,” crafted by author Michael Frizell, the narrative explores her artistic journey, her tumultuous marriage with Ike Turner, and her resilient post-divorce career.

“It’s bittersweet to write about the loss of Tina Turner because I grew up admiring her and listening to her music,” expressed the author. “Her ability to engage concertgoers and listeners is unmatched.” 

The Tennessee native died in May at 83 in her new home in Switzerland. In 2013, she married Erwin Bach after 27 years of dating, also gaining citizenship in the European country.

As for the special edition book, Turner’s story will be detailed within its 22 pages of dialogue and illustrations. However, the comic book is not the only content focused on the complexity of Turner’s life. The notable 1993 film What’s Love Got To Do With It, starring Angela Bassett in the main role, and a Broadway musical, “Tina” all seek to showcase her story.

The comic is available now for purchase, in addition to others’ inclusion in the “Tribute series,” such as Prince and Whitney Houston.

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