Top 20 Funds with Black and Latinx Venture Capital Investors

Harlem Capital Partners recently released a database of 200 black and Latinx venture capital investors. The database accompanied a report highlighting the top 20 venture capital firms currently employing diverse investors.

The firms are as follows:

  1. Kapor Capital
  2. Harlem Capital
  3. Intel Capital
  4. Backstage Capital 
  5. GE Ventures
  6. Bessemer
  7. Base Ventures
  8. 645 Ventures
  9. CRE Venture Capital
  10. Cross Culture Ventures
  11. Gingerbread Capital
  12. Impact America Fund
  13. Ascend Venture Group
  14. Invest Detroit Ventures
  15. Precursor Ventures
  16. Techstars Atlanta
  17. Upfront Ventures
  18. Village Capital
  19. New Age Capital
  20. Google Ventures

Other key findings in the report highlight 200 investors working across 161 funds that have raised over $50 billion with a median raise of $160 million. Additionally, San Francisco and New York represent over 56% of their current work locations. That doesn’t mean you have to live in either place to gain VC investment but, it’s worth budgeting that you may need to travel to and from in order to facilitate the relationships.

Roughly 40% of 98 of the VCs who have obtained MBAs received MBAs from Harvard Business School or Stanford University and 50% of the investors are partners with 80% being founders of their own fund. Of these funds, they have a preference in investing in Seed and Series A Stage companies cutting checks over $500K in size.

This data lets us know that there are investors of color looking to make investments in viable startups, however, the component to note here is just like an investor, you must do your own due diligence before approaching any VC. Make sure that they are indeed investing in companies within your vertical and be very clear about what it takes to get their attention. Most websites will let you know what their investment thesis is.

Harlem Capital Partners is a New York-based minority-owned early-stage venture capital firm on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship by investing in 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. They are committed to reserving capital for investments in minority and women founders in the United States.

As a solution to this challenge, HCP partners with entrepreneurs who have revenue-generating tech-enabled products that can leverage their financial, marketing, and operational experiences to implement key processes to go from selling products to running a sustainable business.

See the complete report here.