5 Healthy Eating Accounts to Follow on Instagram

5 Healthy Eating Accounts to Follow on Instagram

One of the largest misconceptions to healthy eating is that it has to be boring. When many people think of ‘eating clean’ they think it will take long and not taste good. Several chefs, nutritionists and personal trainers have taken to Instagram to prove their accusers wrong.

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If you plan to lose weight, perhaps cook at home more to reduce your sodium or sugar intake, or just live a healthier lifestyle. Following accounts and seeing healthy meal options on your feed can help your efforts to stay focused and stay committed to your plans.

With accounts full of recipes that include all of the veggies, fruits, legumes and whole grains one’s hearts can desire, BlackEnterprise.com compiled a quick list of five black-owned accounts you can follow on Instagram today and look to for inspiration for your next healthy feast.

  1. @FoodHeavenShow: These BFF’s are literally a match made in ‘food heaven.’ As registered dietitians, both with masters in nutrition, Wendy and Jess  founded FoodHeavenMadeEasy.com out of their passion for healthy eating. They share a ton of their beautiful recipes on their page and have a lot more on their website. They have been featured on several different healthy living platforms and are making healthy eating fun for the busy millennial. Find out how to make their dishes on their YouTube Channel.
  2. @FitMenCook: With dishes that appeal to men and women, Fit Men Cook is sure to satisfy your need for a hearty and healthy meal idea. Founder Kevin Curry started the company as a Tumblr page after making a decision to live a healthier lifestyle and experimenting with different vegetables and proteins in his kitchen. He says, “Fitness is a lifelong journey and I could not imagine a life of eating boring, bland food just to be healthy. Now more than ever, I firmly believe that healthier food options do not have to be boring. Ever. In fact, they are pretty tasty.”
  3. @LorrainePascale: Hailing from the UK, one can often catch Lorraine on a cooking show sharing some of her latest recipes, nonetheless, she also shares them with her Instagram family. Though she does sometimes makes desserts, one can find great salads and quick snacks that will be filling without adding a lot of calories to your palate. Her book, with more recipes and ideas, Eating Well Made Easy is available on Amazon.com.
  4. @BlavityFoodie: Here is a community of foodies via Morgan DeBaun’s Blavity platform, where they host Instagram takeovers, share different ideas from followers, and delicious veggie-filled dishes.
  5. @ChefAnthonyDC: With his own “Everything Seasoning” to help his food maintain the right flavor for even the toughest critics, Chef Anthony shares his amazing dishes and meal combinations on his page with his social community. Warning: you will see dishes interrupted by the cutest photos of his daughter. Chef Anthony is part of the #nocheatsneeded movement that believes in cooking flavorful healthy food throughout the week so that you will not need a “cheat day.”

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