In the News: Turmoil in Egypt Continues; Martin Luther King III Addresses Mets Rumors; Vick’s New Deal

In the News: Turmoil in Egypt Continues; Martin Luther King III Addresses Mets Rumors; Vick’s New Deal

Mubarak Appoints New Cabinet, Protests in Egypt Continue

Hosni Mubarak‘s “out with the old, in with the new” cabinet strategy failed. With protesters continuing to take to the streets of Cairo, the Egyptian president asked his cabinet to resign on Saturday. However, he kept the foreign minister, Ahmed Abul Gheit, and the defense minister, General Mohamed Hussein Tantawi in place, while making new appointments, including a deputy prime minister, finance minister and trade minister, as well as naming Mahmoud Wagdi as the country’s new interior minister, and his intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, as his first-ever vice president.

Demonstrators have already taken to Tahir Square, in Central Cairo, in preparation for the big rally, scheduled for tomorrow, (Feb. 1). Protesters say they won’t cease until Mubarak leaves the country. So far, over 102 people are dead and at least 2,000 have been injured.

Martin Luther King III Addresses Possible Dream of Owning the New York Mets

The oldest son of the renowned civil rights activist is scheduled to visit New York this week, but not necessarily to sign a sports ownership deal as rumors would suggest. Martin Luther King III, who runs the King Center in Atlanta, is clearing up the recent Mets rumors. “I was approached about an idea in relationship to joining an ownership group with the New York Mets, and my position was that that’s an idea that needs to be explored,” said King, to the New York Times. later adding, “It’s way too premature to say I want to own a team.”

Rumors began to swirl after Met owners, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, revealed they were looking to sell 20 to 25% interest in the team.

Android Is Now the Leading Smartphone Platform

Last year’s fourth quarter Android phone sales yielded 3.3 million, in comparison to 31 million for Nokia‘s Symbian, according to a report from research firm Canalys. Apple trailed in third place with 16.2 million iOS-based smartphones shipped, followed by RIM (14.6 million) and Microsoft (3.1 million).

Michael Vick Scores A National Endorsement Deal

The Philadelphia Eagle‘s quarterback has signed his first endorsement deal since serving time behind bars for his connection to a dog fighting ring. The sports equipment company, Urban Technologies, is making Vick the face of their company after he sported their protective vest all season. Vick did some local endorsement work for Woodbury Nissan and reportedly wasn’t paid.

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