Two Whites Charged With Lesser Assault Offenses After Allegedly Attacking Black Woman In Minnesota

Two Whites Charged With Lesser Assault Offenses After Allegedly Attacking Black Woman In Minnesota

In a recent development regarding the Sept.12th incident at Duluth, MN’s Rustic Bar, where two white men allegedly assaulted a Black woman, the suspects have been identified as Mylon Griak, 56, and Scott Rabold, 41. They now face charges of misdemeanor 5th-degree assault, shedding light on the legal action taken against them in connection to the alleged assault.

According to Bring Me The News, the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office said: “Based on the information reviewed, the incident does not contain any chargeable crimes that rise to the level of the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office’s jurisdiction (felony level, in this instance).”

The Duluth Police Department released a statement on Facebook on Sept. 29.

“The Duluth Police Department has completed our investigation into the incident that occurred at the Rustic Bar on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023,” the statement read. “The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office determined not to pursue gross misdemeanor or felony charges in this specific incident, which is within their sole jurisdiction.”

Additionally, the DPD provided that after the case was reviewed by The Duluth City Attorney’s Office, the men would be issued citations, but would not be taken into custody, in compliance with Minnesota Statute.

The police department indicated in a previous statement obtained by Bring Me the News, that the two white men intervened to break up a “fight” the assault victim was allegedly having with another woman. Police said surveillance showed the women “having a conversation that turned physical.” Police added, “That’s when two males became involved in the confrontation and assaulted the female.”

Since the attack, the victim’s daughter, Katasia Khabeer, launched a GoFundMe to raise money to cover rent and other utilities while her mother is out from work to recover.

“It’s hard to say when she will be able to return due to not only the physical pain and hurt but also emotional pain,” Khabeer wrote above a few photos of her mother’s bloody belongings.

Khabeer said witnesses saw her mother being stomped on and kicked by one of the white men.

“Her clothes and shoes have drag marks indicating she was dragged on her side and she woke up alone in the dark parking lot of the bar,” she wrote on the fundraiser’s page. “Some how she made it to me I was at work about 4-5 minutes walking distance from the bar. My mother was cover in her own blood crying…”

The daughter wrote that the incident left her mother with a broken nose, two swollen eyes, a cut between her eyebrows and a swollen head.

She added that the police were never called during the attack at the bar; Khabeer called 911 after her mother showed up at her job. On Sept. 20, she updated supporters with news that her mother has been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome as well as a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

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